Holistic Wellness Therapy Capsule

Current Offerings

Hanna Somatics is a system of movements refined from Feldenkrais method by Dr. Thomas Hanna. He worked with multiple people to help them recover from various type of pain, Scoliosis, Khyposis, lordosis, sciatica, slip disc, neck pain etc. Many of these persons had attempted multiple treatments with different doctors and physiotherapist before reaching out to Dr. Thomas Hanna. Many of these case histories are discussed by him in his celebrated book “Somatics: Reawakening The Mind’s control of Movement Flexibility and Health”

Yoga programmes and yoga therapy.

Prenatal Yoga for pregnant women.

Vedic Yoga a unique programme wherein the vibrational powers of vedic mantras are integrated with the yogic asana to enhance health and wellness benefit from the practice.

Eduga our signature programme for brain development to accentuate simultaneous functioning of both sides of the brain enabling one to be creatively logical and logically creative.

Reversing Diabetes offered in association with Belgaum Diabetes Centre.

Stress management. Considering the impact stress has on ill health in the modern world this programme is offered on a customised basis to individuals and corporates for their executives.

Psychological & Mental Health Consulting with Ms. Aruna Chakravorty

Ms. Aruna Chakravorty holds an MA in Clinical Psychology and is certified EMDR therapist for Trauma counselling. Also trained in Integral somatic psychology fusing eastern and western psychology integrating body, energy and consciousness.

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