Presentation for evaluation at Samskriti Peetham for the course on Samkhya Karika and Yoga Sutras
Venue: Somaiya, Vidhyavihar
Presented by: Ramesh Lakshman
Date: July 2, 2019

Chapter I: Overview of Samkhhya Karika and Yoga Sutras
A novice with little exposure to the multitudinous depth of Sanskrit literature and the philosophy expounded in them, gets initiated into Samkhya Karika with great hopes. The opening statement of the karika alludes to dukha hammering one from all sides and therefore arises a need to explore possibilities of overcoming them. One therefore feels that one has come to the right place and presto once the course is absorbed one will get the key to ride rough shod over all dukha, once and for all. As one dabbles into the labyrinth of the unfolding philosophy, that hope slowly disappears only to be rekindled with the commencement of lectures on yoga sutras. For one is informed that yoga sutras are the key to practical implementation of the philosophy of samkhya karika. One looks forward eagerly to the key to those yoga asanas or pranayama practices which can unfold the magic of deflecting dukha and thereby living in eternal peace and joy. That hope is also shattered once you delve deeper into the mysteries of the sutras…

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