Crystal Therapy

Crystals, despite their appearance as inert objects, are very much alive, filled with energy and are also conduits of energy. Modern science has discovered the same and use them extensively in watches, computers and medical devices. Crystal healing works on the principle of energy fields and healing is achieved by interplay between human energy field and the energy field of the crystal.

Information is transmitted between a crystal and a human via the resonant frequencies occurring in each other’s field. Thus the crystal with the correct property can resonate with a particular condition in the human being with beneficial results.

As reported in multiple sources, Mr. Marcel Vogel of IBM carried out tests to establish that quartz crystals can store thoughts. He further established that double terminated crystals is good for healing because the points on both ends serve as a focus, enabling the crystal to conduct subtle energies.

Crystal therapy involves understanding the ailments to be cured, the choice of appropriate cystal to use to aid in the cure, the process to be adopted including forming crystal grids and assist in the associated meditative process to harness the crystal energy.

Crystal therapy is often combined with colour and herbal therapy for a more holistic approach to healing.