Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services you offer?

Our services can be divided into two segments A) Unique services offered for the first time in India which include:

  1. Hanna Somatics practices for pain relief and maintaining youth and vitality.
  2. Somatic Vedic Yoga a unique combination of Hanna Somatic Practices with Hatha yoga and vibration of vedic mantras.

Other services include:
Crystal therapy, Light Therapy, Hatha yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Post Natal
Other services are offered through external experts as and when there is a request for them.

Hatha yoga

Traditional Hatha yoga classes are held over zoom and at our yoga center in a hybrid model. These classes run on Modays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 7 PM. These classes are run by Chitra Lakshman who has more that 20 years of expertise in teaching yoga.

Prenatal Yoga and Post Natal

We also run one to one sessions for prenatal and post natal yoga. Prenatal yoga is practiced during pregnancy and post natal is post delivery to get back to shape. For details and scheduling contact. This can be offered both online over Zoom and offline at our center. These sessions are conducted by Chitra Lakshman who has considerable expertise in helping pregnant women over the years.

For what kinds of Pain is Hanna Somatics helpful?
  • It is very helpful in almost all cases of pain resulting from hyper contraction of muscles due to what is termed sensory motor amenisia. This includes scoliosis, arthritis, rheumatism, slip disk, spondylosis, shoulder pain.
  • It is also useful in correcting postural imbalances.
What is somatic vedic yoga?

It is a practice in which 3 different practices are brought together enhance and accentuate the benefit from the practice for the participants. These include the muscle relaxing practices of Hanna Somatics integrated into every yoga asana combined with the benefit of vedic mantra which play in the back ground. In addition participants also chant specific mantras for enhancing their health, intelligence and ability to handle stress including distress.

Who is conducting Hanna Somatics Practices

It is conduced by Ramesh Lakshman who is currently pursuing the course with Novato Institute of Somatic Research and Education, together with help and supervision from his teacher Ms. Eleanor Criswell who is head of Novato Institute.

Are Hanna Somatics session held in group or one to one
  • It is offered in both versions. At time we do conduct short courses on Hanna Somatics practices for two or three months.
  • Most of the sessions are scheduled one to one to suit each individual’s requirement. Occasionally when two or more people with similar problems reach out to us then we try to combine them into the same time slot.
  • We also plan to offer shorter weekend modules both at our center and jointly with other centers.
Are Hanna Somatics practices offered online or only thorough physical participation

We offer both. For those participants who cannot come to our center in Govandi in Mumbai we offer them online. Those who are in Mumbai and prefer one to one sessions are encouraged to come to our center to learn the practices.

Do you offer Somatic Vedic Yoga online?

Till now Somatic Vedic Yoga was offered only at our center. Come October 2022 we are introducing hybrid sessions of Somatic Vedic yoga. It will run on Mondays and Thursdays from 7 to 8.15 AM or may be truncated to 7 to 8 based on how our participants would prefer them

Are all your courses conducted online or do you have in-person courses as well?
  • We have one to one sessions conducted both online over zoom and offline at our center depending on the preferences of the individual
  • From October 2022 we will be offering Somatic Vedic Yoga in hybrid model on Mondays and Thursdays from either 7 to 8 AM or 7 to 8.15 AM