About Us

Holistic Wellness is taking deep roots around the world. Modern scientific discoveries are reinforcing many of the concepts of subtle energy, mind – body – spirit connect, universal connectedness of all living organisms etc. Holistic Wellness harnesses these concepts with a view to encourage the body to heal itself drawing on inherent capabilities. The practice could be coterminous with allopathic medicines or in substitution for it.

Therapies are slated to commence in the near future.


Holistic wellness therapists keen to establish an additional centre of practice are welcome to approach us for collaboration.

Key Profiles

Chitra Lakshman

Chitra holds a Masters Degree in Social Work (M.S.W.) from School of Social Work from M.S. University, Vadodara in the year 1985 and has over 30 years of experience in Community Development. Her prior experience working with Spastics Society and other NGO led to take over and run Vidya Vardhini Foundation Trust (VVFT), a Non-Profit Organization, registered with the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 ( Reg. No. E/ 19415) since 2005. Vidya Vardhini Foundation Trust works with the marginalized section of the urban slum community of Cheeta Camp and Trombay in M- Ward Mumbai. Activities and focus include education, health and employment needs of differently abled, running a vision center in collaboration with KBHB Hospital, community mental health in collaboration with LTMG Hospital, Sion.

She obtained her Degree in BA in Yogic Education from Guru Kavi Kalidas University Ramtek in the year 2005 and started teaching yoga thereafter. Most of her students who started yoga with her in the year 2005 continue to be in her class even today.

Over the years helping many students deal with their ailments helps Chitra understand the appropriate practices to be taught for specific ailments and structures yogic management classes for them for accordingly, for effective results.

She customised successfully runs Pre – Natal yoga for women with very encouraging results.

Ramesh Lakshman

Ramesh holds a diploma in Colour, Herbal and Crystal Therapy from School of Natural Health Sciences, London (U.K.) and is an associate member of The International College of Holistic Medicine, London (U.K.). He is currently launching Holistic Healing Therapy for Antarang.

Ramesh was initiated into Karma Sanyas by his Guru Paramhamsa Swami Niranjananda Saraswati on 1st July 2004. He has personally benefited from yoga in his life and draws his inspiration from his guru as well as the Bihar School of Yoga.

A chartered accountant by profession, Ramesh decided to branch out into holistic health convinced about their benefits. Many of his clients have also benefited from yoga having been introduced to the practice by him. He holds a conviction that holistic healing principles are likely to change the course of medical treatment in the future. There is considerable scope for such practices to coexist with advanced medical treatment.

Drawing on his experience of yoga spread over 3 decades, Ramesh conceptualised and introduced two signature programmes of Anatarang:
a) Eduga – A programme for enhancing brain power and to improve simultaneous functioning of both right and left brain all the time
b) Vedic Yoga – Combining the concepts of Mantra Purusha, Energy of Vedic Mantras, Principles of Hatha Yoga, Buddhist Yantra yoga etc.

He is currently pursuing courses in Clinical Nutrition.