My journey with Yoga

My Journey into the wonderful world of Yoga began about 28 years ago. As busy young chartered accountant- work was the sole focus of my life and everything else had taken a backseat, including health and exercise. My overworked body however couldn’t handle the lifestyle anymore and it protested in the form of spondylitis- leading me to forced bed rest and moving about with a collar.

One day, while I was in the process of getting physiotherapy for my spondylitis, my wife Chitra informed me -‘I’ve heard that yoga is good for health, I’ve already paid the fees for a Yoga class- you must start.’ That one decision changed the trajectory of my life.

This was the beginning of the journey with my teacher, Mrs Usha Karnik. During the initial days, I was unable to do many asanas because of the spondylitis. However, my teacher was persistent and soon I was able to do more and more practices and in around 8 months, I was able to practice asanas like head stands which were not permitted for those with spondylitis.

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Natraj Ramakrishna on his Health Approach


1. I have been a Hypertension patient for the past forty years. Medical reason: Unknown. My BP reading would be 160/100 when I wake up and vary between 190/110 and 210/120 during the day. In times of extreme stress, I have recorded 220/130. I was admitted to hospital for a different ailment (I will deal with it below). I also suffered from sleep apnea and I believe this problem was further accentuated because of my large belly.

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