“Simplifying and calming, is what I would like to say about Hanna Somatics. I had an issue with my left side lower back & thighs and with help of these exercises, the pain reduced and my range of movement also increased. Ramesh Sir is a very inclusive, comforting and attentive instructor. It was amazing that even in a Zoom session of 20 people, Sir could correct the posture and also provide personal guidance during the session. Thank you Sir, for taking us through this wonderful journey of Hanna Somatics and hoping to continue too.” Thank You

Anita Amarnath
Consultant Projects

Sir it was a very good experience by doing yoga in the last 2 months, as it helped me in keeping my body relaxed and everyday I have practiced yoga. Thank u so much Sir.

Anuj Palrecha
Student, Mumbai

I attended the Hanna Somatics course organised by Mr. Ramesh Laxman of Antarang holistic wellness, And I actually experienced what Holistic Wellness is. He has blended Hanna Somatics with his knowledge of Yoga, he is practicing over 30 yrs which contributes to the Experience of The Histic Wellness. Needless to say,- I am benefited healthwise – Have learnt to relax And Have found myYoga Teacher in him. Thank you.

Dr. Ashwini Karanjgoakar
Doctor-Opthalmic surgeon

Thank you Ramesh Sir for teaching / guiding me through the Hanna somatic course. The practices are very relaxing and have reduced my shoulder pain. I have enjoyed doing the course. Ramesh Sir is an excellent teacher- particularly his instructions reminding us to do the process ‘slowly, very slowly’ , the prayers and thr meditation. Will try my best to be a good student and practice everyday. Would recommend the course to everyone.

Dr. Vrunda Karangoakar
Surgeon, Mumbai

Sir, thank you for introducing somatics to us. Initially I was curious to know what Hanna Sommatics is all about. I had a nagging pain in the right side of my shoulder which has disappeared now. That’s when I realised it acts gradually at a deeper level and relaxes the concerned muscles. I am looking forward to joining it again once you resume offline classes

Jayashree Raghavan

For someone like me who has joint issues, Hanna Somatics was ideal as it focussed on slow & limited movement. Easier to do & the impact is amazing. Have had a lot of body stiffness go away with this program

Jermina Menon
Digital Marketing Expert

Hanna Somatics is like breathing – a gentle, mindful strengthening of one’s body and mind. Sessions by Ramesh truly help one to understand how simple moves can facilitate pain free movements once again. The focus is on unlearning and relearning how to ensure correct posture and movements. All the very best to Antarang Holistic Wellness in spreading the magic in simplicity that is Hanna Somatics

Maya Sadasivan

I was very happy to attend Ramesh’s 8 week course on Hanna Somatics Yoga in June-July 2021. It gave an insight into pain reduction and management using body and mind connection. As a yoga teacher myself I was able to sharpen my understanding of movement and the benefits of deep muscle relaxation. This is a good way forward as alternative therapy for pain. I wish Ramesh every success in making Hanna Somatics Yoga more popular in India

Mohyna Srinivasan

This has been such a good set of sessions. I really like the element of mindfulness in paying close attention to the movements of smaller muscles in the exercises. I am sure that with practice the routines will help me deal with pain. Ramesh’s teaching helps one to immerse oneself in the practice. It’s been a great course and I do hope there will be more in the future!

Nandini Manjrekaar
Faculty at Tata Institute of Social Science

I was a skeptic till I was introduced to Somatic Yoga, I’d never heard of it before and wasn’t sure that it would help me in resolving my ongoing challenge with the IT band. To my surprise, I found that small and really nano movements made a big difference to the functioning of the body. Above all, the awareness of changes and the impact of the small movements was a revelation. By the end of two months, I found that I learnt to respect the movements and the improved focus on areas that needed attention was a new learning for me. What the classes also allowed was the mindfulness that one prods oneself to acknowledge and coax the body into a better understanding. It certainly has been an enlightening journey.Needless to say, I am a convert of the teachings by Rameshji and look forward to more participation in the future.Thank you for the teachings.

HR Professional

I attended Hanna Somantics course with Mr. Ramesh Lakshman and it has been the most soothing experience. Besides relaxing the whole body mind complex n being aware of the muscles one never thought existed…there is a certain meditative quality about the whole practice which clears the emotional clutter setting one free.The course was conducted very systematically never a minute late and all questions answered patiently. I would highly recommend everyone not to miss the opportunity of attending this course.

Rati Tandon
Yoga Teacher

Hanna Somatics Course which was conducted by Mr Ramesh Lakshman was different from what actual yoga of Sage Pathanjali Asanas.If a person practices Hanna Somatic with Om chanting ,Shankh blowing and Mantra recital in the starting and in end,practicing excersie with breathing in and out properly will lead to a healthy and energetic life style for 24 hours.This has to be done daily .I heard lot of benefits have happened to people who were suffering from different body ailments etc.All the best.

Entrepreneur and expert in Printing, Mumbai

Thanks a million for giving me this opportunity to attend Antarang Holistic wellness Hanna Somatic Course . Indeed a wonderful experience and a journey with perfect guidance. Enjoyed Shankhnadd ,Mantra Chanting , Visulization and Positive Sankalpa for good health very effective . I experienced deep relaxation of body and mind at the end of each session. Looking forward for many more sessions in future.Always stay blessed

Rita Vazirani
College Administration and Yoga Teacher

Thanks Ramesh ji for introducing me to Hama somatic. Over all my experience was good, I always feel very relax after each session.

Ritesh Chaturvedi
IT Professional, Hyedrabad

Hanna Somatic course worked in resolving my shoulder pain and back pain. It helps to connect body and mind simultaneously. so becomes more aware of muscle movement. It improves the Co-ordination. Thank you Ramesh sir

Runali Madura
Home Maker, Mumbai

The course and the practice gave relief to the stiff neck and niggling lower back pain that I use to have off and on. I feel my muscles are much more relaxed and have improved my flexibility. I am sure by inculcating it as a routine there are lot many gains to achieve.Thank you Sir for introducing Hanna Somatic to us and sharing your rich knowledge

Saket Srivastav
IT Professional, Pune

Thoroughly enjoyed the Hanna Somatics Course at Antarang Holistic Wellness LLP. Each class gave immense pain relief that was pleasantly surprising. It also helped in increasing awareness of my body muscles greatly, the benefits of which were felt in other areas of life also.

Sanjana Ramani
Finance Professional, Dubai

Hanna somatics a word I never heard of, fortunate to be part of this journey towards good health with Ramesh sir. He is one of the best yoga teachers I have happened to meet. Always considering and taking care of each and everyone’s issues and queries, and his way of counducting online sessions were flawless. Looking forward to walk more learning paths with him. Thanks and gratitude

Shiva Khattar

It was just a coincidence that I was introduced to this fantastic Somatic yog session “. Myth of Aging”. Initially bit sceptical about the outcome, however after few sessions it was a wonderful experience to share. I am a amateur yog practitioner and doing yog regularly since last 15+ years. It was a routine like any other exercise for an hour or so. Flexibility was an issue for few typical asanas and I took it granted as aging effect. After practising specific muscle nervs brain coordinations exercise under guidance of Ramesh Ji, I realised the muscle getting much free movements and improved flexibility to a great extent. I will certainly recommend for everyone to experience such a fantastic session and feel the refreshing rejuvenation of body and mind. Human brain has tremendous power and inner strength, just go for it and explore to explode the wonderful life. Many Thanks to Ramesh ji a down to earth humble personality to be my teacher in this journey.

Umesh Khandalkar
Professional in the Oil refinery safety assurance, Jamnagar

I had a severe back ache problem when I started the Hanna somatics course . After doing this course , I found a tremendous relief and my pain is almost vanished . Would surely recommend this somatic yoga . Thank you so much

Vijayalakshmi Ramani
Home Maker, Dubai

Thank you for sharing this journey Deepa ! You have introduced many of us to this way of healing and be mindful of muscles dynamics. Ramesh sir is a gem of a person , never found someone so engaging and clear in teaching in online sessions.

Shiva Khattar

I attended the 8 weeks Hanna Somatics, “Myth of Ageing” course offered by Ramesh Lakshman, Antarang Wellness. The course included one hour sessions from 7:15 am to 8:15 am twice a week for eight weeks.

Our facilitator, Ramesh Lakshman took us through sessions, a mix of demonstration and voice guidance. He shared a video of our classes for review and refreshing our class lessons.

The Hanna Somatics protocol is an inclusive and sustainable way for curative and preventive health and wellness.

What I learned is:

  1. the value of slow and mindful movements
  2. awareness of in-breath and out-breath and its coordination with muscle movement
  3. body scanning to become aware of the physical body muscles
  4. awareness of subtle mind body complex
  5. the systematic mobilising of front, back, side, limbs, head and neck regions
  6. the cat stretch to “awaken” and “relax” the body muscles in a way that prevents injury from sudden movement
  7. slowly release stiff muscles by retraining/ re-wiring the mid brain by awakening/ remembering forgotten movements
  8. become aware of bones, joints, muscles to use the physical body structure effectively and efficiently, while training the mind to become present and attentive to the subtle changes post mobilisation
  9. age is a number – our body does not need to de-generate if we can treat it with care, respect and use it well
  10. We can slowly “unlock” parts that have become stiff/ painful with faulty usage, movements and “untangle” the chronic pain and move to a new level of ease and comfort.

I ordered and read “Somatics” by Dr. Thomas Hanna and have ordered and gifted the book to family and friends. I have introduced Ramesh Lakshman and Eleanor Criswell to my family and friends. Learning Hanna Somatics and Somatic Yoga can offer a practical and sustainable way to lead healthy, fulfilled lives, free themselves from chronic pain and move to a higher level of performance.

I developed a frozen shoulder in April 2021. My own pain is well managed and I am almost 70% better without taking any pain medication. I lead a very active life with long work days and have not taken any time off from work. I do the cat stretch on waking and my YSS kriya yoga practices. My spiritual practice has deepened as I am more aware and mindful in my sadhana including meditation.

I wish for everyone, sedentary or athletic, young or old, especially doctors and physiotherapists, to get exposure to Hanna Somatics and the “myth of ageing” course.

Deepa Soman
Managing Director
Lumiere Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

What I feel about Hannah somatic and how it has helped me?

Being in pain for a very long time, I was looking for a way to understand the pain and move ahead.. Hannah Somatics helped me achieve the first step to create a connection to my emotions and pain.
The 2 month session was an eye opener in many ways.. The concept of retracting every move slowly was new, but the effect profound. The cat stretch in particular, had my back pain addressed and gave a sense of immense release..

About Mr. Ramesh

One of the most gentle and down to earth persons, I have come across. His love for sharing the Hannah somatics technique comes across in every session. He takes extra effort in personally connecting with his students, to understand how they have benefitted from the sessions and, based on feedback, devices one-to-one sessions. This genuine interest and investment of time from him, gives me the push to be pain free.

Thanks so much Ramesh Sir, am eternally grateful..

Business Analyst

Joining Antarang – Ramesh’s wellness center has enabled me to be in a flow( a state that is continuously practised with full focus on the journey) that is helping me to feel more rested , leaving me with sense of clarity. I find his communication on multifarious aspects of yoga, syncing and making a rhythm with your own self, making you aware of your ‘ body, mind, cells’ etc is fantastic. Incidentally at my age, I felt I knew external relationships only to realize that I knew nothing of my own internal self , it’s needs, the restless mind, anxious elements, and simple methods of achieving peace with oneself even for few moments. Ramesh’s methods just puts you on the flow, or journey to find your breath, think positive, develop an attitude of self confidence . Finally I want say , he puts you on a journey never ending. Flowing in this journey is my IKIGAI – a secret and a resolution to be happy at all times. Om Shanti.

R. Maheshwaran
Ex. GM
Union Bank of India

I joined Antarang holistic wellness for Vedic Yoga with Ramesh Lakshman. I really the find the class very helpful and useful. I enjoy the class as there is personalised attention from Ramesh. He is very sincere in his teaching and concentrates on each of our strengths and points out where we can improve with no stress or pressure. The breathing techniques work wonders. He is ready to experiment and try new asanas and practices that benefit everybody. Catering to me particularly, he makes me do advanced practices that help build my strength and are to my capability. He is able to effectively attend to all of us at various levels in the class itself. My wife has also tremendously benefited from the one on one sessions with him. I would definitely like to see more students being benefitted by this.

S Ramesh
MD and CEO
Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Ltd

I have been practicing ‘Vedic Yoga’ under the guidance of Shri. Ramesh Lakshman, Antarang Holistic Wellness LLP for the past three months. It gives me immense pleasure to say that the flexibility of my body has increased tremendously. The ‘Vedic Yoga’ practices have helped in enhancing my concentration, confidence and awareness of my body postures thereby changed my lifestyle. The punctuality and discipline followed by my Guru Shri. Ramesh Lakshman in conducting ‘Vedic Yoga’ is highly appreciated. It is worth spending time of about three hours per week in this Yoga class conducted by Antarang Holistic Wellness LLP.

Dr. V. Ramachandran
Scientic Officer (Retired)

Dear Ramesh,

At the outset, let me thank you for all the healing that you have brought in me. I am much calmer, more composed and with much better health now than before I started my sessions with you. When you had texted me that you were starting classes and one on one sessions for certain health issues, I was keen to come. By the time I joined in, you had been taking classes for a few months. However, in my first meeting itself, you put me at ease and took a very detailed history from me. Then you encouraged me to join the yoga class and both my husband and i decided to join, although once a week. As a result, I was in group class once a week and my one on one sessions were once a week. Doing yoga the right way – with mantras and vedic chants and total breath control really helped. I found I was losing weight, calming down and having much better breath control. My stamina improved and I was able to function much more efficiently, and perform better in my zumba class as well. The main issues bothering me were erratic BP and cholestrol. Our sessions which included yoga asanas, customised meditation and relaxation and colour and crystal therapy really worked. My BP became steady and reached normal levels. Cholestrol came under control and weight has definitely come down! My issues of bloating and some mood swings due to my hormones came down completely. I found myself to be calmer and more peaceful even when I went to the doctor for my BP checks where I was earlier getting stressed out. Even during my travel, I now prefer to have skype sessions rather than miss sessions! There has been improvement in my flexibility and breath control, helping my singing as well. Once again, Thank you! I recommend that everybody tries the classes or the sessions based on individual needs!

Sumitra Ramesh

Antarang Yoga is an attempt by the immensely talented Shri Ramesh Lakshman to share the outcome of his intensive study of many different forms of Yoga. I have been a participant in the class on Vedic Yoga conducted by him. The deliberate pace of instruction and preparation before we students practice the poses and breathing techniques ensures better understanding and retention. The sessions are conducted in a clean and peaceful environment in the well appointed Yoga studio supported by audio visual aids. I would strongly recommend Antarang Yoga to anyone who wants to learn Yoga.


Having never done yoga day in my life, it was tough for me the first time I came to Antarang. Let me tell you, the first session itself was amazing! Vedic yoga calms, refreshes and is a great way to start a day. It also has enough punch to give you a good one hour workout.

Ramesh has a joyful and down to earth demeanour. He makes sure that you do every pose correctly, that you are constantly improving. Vedic yoga under Ramesh’s instruction can lead mind, body and spirit to come to perfect alignment.

I only wish I had started earlier!’

Sandip Agarwal
Practice Design

I have been practising Ashtanga Yoga for the last 10 years and as I was exploring new avenues in this ancient discipline was much to my delight introduced to Vedic Yoga conducted by none other than our family friend Ramesh Lakshman. He is an expert in Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Chakras and many more. I admire his simplicity and humility.

The Vedic Yoga class commenced in October 2018. The decor and ambience of the Antarang hall vibrates with positive energy and divinity, very conducive to practise Yoga and Meditation at the dawn,
As each Asana is synchronised with a specific Mantra, we learn to sustain the posture and improve our concentration

Continuous chanting of Mantras and Soulful music during Relaxation help to displace the stress hormones in our body with feel good endorphins. After the session we are fullly charged with energy for the day.
In a nutshell,Vedic yoga is a complete health package for physical, mental and spiritual growth.The sessions have helped me to look inwards and to love and respect self and to believe in the old adage’ Health is Wealth ‘

Geeta Balasubramanian
Yoga Teacher

Vedik Yog – makes the person meet his own body with his own mind and soul.

The session starts with the vibrant Shankh – dhwani – Shankh Naad, the sound makes the Sadhak transcend to the spiritual plane. The chanting of the Mahamruntyunjay Mantra with the Gayatri Mantra and the 32 names of Maa –Durga makes the Sadhak forget about his past and present and one lives only in that very moment. The beginning is with the Surya – Namaskar with various Asanns. Every month a new facet of the “YOG” is introduced with advance learnings as Tibetan Yog- Pavan – Muktasan – Series 1 and Series 2, HATH YOG and Rudra Yog are the ones to follow. All this Sadhanais with the chanting of mantras.

My personal experience – I joined formal yoga class for the first time in life. I joined with zero flexibility, to watch Ramesh Sir perform with other experienced Sadhak like Geeta, was really depressing. Everybody else in class was a better performer than me. Where I could not sit even cross-legged properly for some time there Ramesh Sir, and Geeta Mam, who are elder to me in age, perform all the Asanas flawlessly and with exemplary flexibility. But, Sir’s words assure me with his famous phrase “Karke Chod”, and also “continue doing it, one day you will reach your goal”.

All of us we have option of attending the class (we take advantage of our busy schedules and also other engagements), but Ramesh Sir has no option. Even if nobody attends, he starts his own practice with Shankh-Naad at sharp 6.30 A.M. He is more enthusiastice to teach and preach the different aspects of “YOG”. With every class, there is an addition to knowledge and information. He is a teacher to the core of his soul.

I believe that the God Almighty gave me the “sud-buddhi” to attend the introductory lecture and also for joining this course. I wish many more people should take advantage of this course.

Every practice and every Asanas reinforces my belief in the greatness of Hindu religion and advanced spirituality. All these higher principles have been imbibed in our society in the form of simple daily rituals without even knowing its great effects on the human life.

I wish the human society returns to our own tradition and culture. I wish all luck to Ramesh Sir, in his pursuit of spreading awareness of wellness in the Society.

Rajyashree Phadke