Colour Therapy

Colour or Chromotherapy is a subtle non-invasive therapy making use of the healing energy contained within the visible rays of colour. Works best for non-degenerative diseases and is often in conjunction with other therapies. It seeks to release the energy blockages which leads to ailments by using the appropriate colours.
Colour therapy is used extensively in many parts of the world to treat many diseases like asthma, arthritis, nervous and mental disorders, depression, eating disorders, skin diseases, digestive ailments, blood and circulation problems, fevers, rheumatism, shock etc.

Efforts are made to ascertain the ailments and conditions leading to them in the particular individual to determine whether it is being caused from deficiency or excess of any particular colour. Treatments efforts and then made appropriately to either provide the deficient colour or neutralise the excessive colours.
Colour therapy uses different methods of imparting the colour which includes direct flashing of colour using led or other devices including full spectrum lights, colour elixir, colour breathing and visualisation, using crystal to enhance the colour effect.