Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga has been practiced in India since time immemorial. Originally it was restricted to sages in the Himalayas to aid their process of self realisation. It was popularised in recent years by many leading teachers.

Our Hatha yoga classes choose a repertoire of asana varying them from time to time. Practices are also suitably adjusted to suit the capability of the participant. No prior experience is required to join the classes.

Participants who are regular and consistent can expect to maintain a high quality life, healthy mind and body and reduce the need for frequent medical interventions.

Vedic Yoga

The Vedic seers of India realised the effect and essence of vedic mantras in meditation and presented them for the benefit of mankind. The power of vedic mantras is unique to India. These mantras have important vibrational effect on the body and the cells and aid in keeping the cells in good condition.

In vedic yoga we have incorporated the benefit of these vibrational effect of the mantras together with yoga asana. Mantras are chosen appropriate to the asana to optimise the benefit. Participants continue to practice the postures in the traditional way maintaining breath awareness and body awareness while the mantras chant in the background.

Vedic yoga is suitable for any person – beginner or expert in yoga. No knowledge of mantra is required neither is the participant required to change them.

Participants who are regular and consistent should see better quality of health. Reversing ailments, better peace of mind and reduce medical intervention.

Prenatal Yoga

Most women prefer natural delivery to surgically supported delivery. Practicing yoga during pregnancy considerably improves the chances of safe and natural delivery. The chanting of OM mantra and pranayama also helps the foetus growth and development. Prenatal yoga is now sequenced and perfected from long years of experience of Mrs. Chitra Lakshman and results are very encouraging.


Eduga is our signature programme. It is calibrated to activate the simultaneous functioning of the right and left brain which otherwise operates in cycles. This helps one to be logically creative and creatively logical. It improves concentration, power of recall, efficiency and productivity. It use is immense from students pursuing a career to executives wanting to improve their capabilities for better performance.